An argument that vehicle airbags can kill

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Is Maruti's announcement of Optional ABS & Airbags just on paper?

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8 Reasons for Buying a New versus a Used Car

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The 1/10th Rule For Car Buying Everyone Must Follow

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Faulty airbags drive car recalls to record high: More than were issued in first three months of including notices for Jaguar and Rolls Royce models Airbags responsible for half of recalls. Thanks, Mr. Cube, you are of course correct and I appreciate the comment!

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How Seatbelts Work. by Tom Harris Crashing Concepts. Prev NEXT. The basic idea of a seatbelt is very simple: It keeps you from flying through the windshield or hurdling toward the dashboard when your car comes to an abrupt stop. This can easily kill or severely injure a person.

A seatbelt applies the stopping force to more durable parts of. "The exploding airbags can send shrapnel into the faces and necks of victims, leaving them looking as if they had been shot or stabbed," according to Fox heavy vehicle. Even if your technical driving skills are good, you'll be a step behind everybody else.

Re: and now 'safety devices' that can kill. Motorcycle safety concerns many aspects of vehicle and equipment design as well as operator skill and training that are unique to motorcycle riding. Myth #2: An airbag is a vehicle's most important safety feature.

Although an airbag can save a driver or passenger's life, the seat belt remains the most important safety feature in any vehicle. Airbags alone are not sufficient protection from harm during a crash.

An argument that vehicle airbags can kill
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Cars with seatbelts and airbags vs Cars with only seatbelts, no airbag