Fundanoodle i can write a song

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Fundanoodle’s I Can Pound! is one of my favorite developmental toys. It’s a “hit” with three-year-olds, but six- and seven-year-olds enjoy it just as much!

Kids love to create fun, colorful pictures from the patterns in the kit, but from an occupational therapist perspective, I love it for the following reasons.

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Artists; The best way to write a song is to listen to how the greats did it. This month, Fundanoodle received a great shout out from Autism Asperger’s Digest.

The magazine’s reviewers specifically highlighted our “I Can Pound!” activity kit, our “I Can Cut!” activity book and our “I Can Build Letters!” magnets for their ability to develop a number of motor-sensory and visual skills for children on the spectrum. Each song takes you by surprise with its tempo, style, and lyrics.

(includes shipping) A savings of $ for Pre-K Learners Uppercase Muscle Movers 1st Month I Can Write Numbers 2nd Month Activity Book, Level Two 3rd Month Math Book, Level 2 4th Month Today is a great day for Fundanoodle, as we launch our new. The Fundanoodle I Can Write My Own Stories Tablet keeps children engaged as they practice handwriting and writing concepts, including creative writing, sentence completion, story sequencing and more!

Fund noodle's colorful writing tablets and multi-activity kits take children on a fun-filled journey as they master essential skills like memory. The program can be customized for each student, with daily review of concepts the individual needs to cover.

For each level, you will need the Teacher Manual, student Materials packet and either the Basic or Deluxe Interactive Kit.

Fundanoodle i can write a song
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